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Who are mediators?

Mediators for the E.U.P. Community Dispute Resolution Center (CDRC) are community members who volunteer their talents and time. Mediators require good communication skills, the ability to remain neutral, and a commitment to a collaborative approach to resolving conflict/disputes. They initially receive extensive training with opportunities for advanced training. Many find the mediation process and initial training of benefit in both their personal and professional lives.

What qualifies a person to mediate?

There is no educational or occupational preference for a Mediator. Persons who provide mediation through the CDRC become certified by completing a 40-hour training course followed by 10 hours of observation. Training can be provided at a low cost to a volunteer who makes a commitment to mediate an average of two cases per month for three years.

Mediator Training

As part of our ongoing mission to provide high-quality training programs and meet the growing needs for our volunteer services throughout the region, the E.U.P. Community Dispute Resolution Center presents a 40-hour General Civil training. This training has been approved by the State Court Administrative Office-Certified MCR 2.411. The interactive course combines role play and simulation of mediations, video, lecture and discussion. Completion of this course is the initial step necessary to effectively mediate all General Civil matters including landlord/tenant, small claims, neighbor/neighborhood and more.

This highly interactive training is designed to teach participants the skills necessary to act as mediators in facilitating the resolution of civil disputes. This training is the first step for any individual who wishes to learn the skills of a mediator, mediate privately or qualify for the circuit court roster approved list of mediators.

Participation in entire training is required to receive your Training Certificate.



2022 General Civil Virtual Training


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